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Johannesburg: Climate Change Adaptation Plan (CCAP)

Johannesburg: Climate Change Adaptation Plan (CCAP)

Adaptation & Resilience


In 2008, the City of Johannesburg conducted a city-wide vulnerability assessment, which identified key sector specific risks within the city, based on climate projections developed specifically for the assessment project. Bringing together a multidisciplinary team of engineers, environmental consultants and climatologists, the assessment identified ten high-priority risk areas including increase in heat-related deaths; increase in energy demand; health risks related to disease vectors; a range of urban flood-related risks; disruption to water security; and climate change-driven migration from sub-Saharan Africa.


Johannesburg’s vulnerability assessment provided the basis for the city to develop and launch its comprehensive Climate Change Adaptation Plan (CCAP), which prioritises strategic investments and activities to reduce climate risks. For example, a key finding of the vulnerability assessment was a projected increase in average annual rainfall. In response, the CCAP outlined the adaptation interventions of inter alia mapping of flood prone areas, the development of early warning systems, and awareness-raising campaigns for vulnerable communities – all of which are currently being undertaken by the city. The plan makes a number of further recommendations covering information management; finance and planning; stakeholder and community engagement; and the development of a range of infrastructure projects; it also identifies areas where additional research is required.

Projected Outcomes

Planning for the impacts of climate change may be a first step, but it is critical, and Johannesburg’s detailed and data-driven approach positions the city well for greater resilience. Equally important is the city’s commitment to integrating the CCAP recommendations into both long-term city strategy and day-to-day operations. To this end, Johannesburg has undertaken a review and amendment (where necessary) of policies, planning controls, planning standards, regulations and legislation to facilitate climate change adaptation. Moreover, the CCAP now integrates fully with the City’s Comprehensive Disaster Management Plan. At the same time, Johannesburg is developing climate change modelling scenarios and an Information Management System to support on-going climate change risk assessment and cost benefit-analysis. Therefore, the city’s adaptation and vulnerability-related research will improve, and will continue to be incorporated into city-wide policies and decision making.

Presentation: Johannesburg Climate Change Adaptation Plan (CCAP)

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